Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners

  • Make sure you have extra food and water for your pets in your hurricane kit. You should have at least 5 days worth of food and water with bowls or dishes.
  • Have a copy of any medical records available and don’t forget to have their daily medications available.
  • If your pet is not microchipped, make sure to do so before any hurricanes. Microchipping your pet allows animal services and veterinarians a way to find your contact information and return your pet to you if they are lost.
  • Keep proper identification on your pets at all times – collars should have a a tag with a phone number or address or both.
  • Have a cat carrier available to transport your cat in case of evacuation. Have leashes or harnesses available for your dog.
  • Make yourself aware of pet friendly shelter in your area.
  • Have recent photos of your pet available to you to aid in identifying them in an emergency situation.
  • If your dog or cat has any special requirements for bedding, make sure to have extra. It also is a good idea to keep comfort items for that pet ready to go.