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We don’t always know where to turn when our pets aren’t feeling well. Regardless of if you have a dog, cat, lizard or other animal companion, we treat every animal that walks through the door as if it was our own. Furry or not, Baycrest Veterinary Hospital, in St. Petersburg, Florida,  is the the only clinic you’ll ever need for quality, affordable, and compassionate animal care.

Because we are a full service animal clinic, we provide most of the services that your pet may need. From nail trimmings, for your dog or cat, to vaccines for puppies and kittens. Baycrest Veterinary Hospital is your go to veterinarian in the St. Petersburg area. There’s no need to drive all over town to find the quality care that you’re looking for. We have state of the art equipment, top notch veterinary technicians, and caring vets who are ready to help take care of your pet; all at an affordable price.

Trust us when we say we care about your animals because we will give them the care they need without charging unrealistic prices. This is because we believe that money should never be a reason for an animal to not be healthy. Baycrest Veterinary Hospital: High quality, compassionate veterinary services at an affordable cost. Contact us online or call us at (727) 954-8820 to schedule your appointment today.


Meet The Baycrest Veterinary Staff

Dr. Cat Arthur
Dr. Cat ArthurVeterinarian
From an early age, Dr. Arthur has been working with animals, starting as a volunteer with a mobile clinic in Singapore. Dr. Arthur earned her Biology degree from Emory University and her DVM at the University of Tennessee. She sees most small animals including lizards, hamsters, and guinea pigs in addition to dogs and cats. In addition to treating pets, she teaches anesthesia to veterinary technicians.
Tom Garofalo
Tom GarofaloOperations Manager
Tom Garofalo has a great deal of experience working with startups and new companies. He has advised the Singapore government and the State of Hawaii , as well as worked with a number of companies- helping them gain customer focus and become successful. In the last several years he has worked with a number of companies in the healthcare field and brings a great deal of business experience to this venture.
Dr. Marija Radovic
Dr. Marija RadovicVeterinarian
Our Technical Staff
Our Technical StaffTechnical Department
All of our veterinary technicians are certified veterinary technicians or in their training to become a certified veterinary technician. Tara, Stephanie, Brianna, Meghan, and Katelyn love caring for sick animals and seeing healthy pets.
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