Meet Our Veterinary Clinic Staff


Dr. Cat Arthur
Dr. Cat ArthurVeterinarian

Dr. Cat Arthur | Veterinarian

From an early age, Dr. Arthur has been working with animals, starting as a volunteer with a mobile clinic in Singapore. Dr. Arthur earned her Biology degree from Emory University and her DVM at the University of Tennessee. She sees most small animals including lizards, hamsters, and guinea pigs in addition to dogs and cats. In addition to treating pets, she has taught anesthesia to veterinary technicians.

Business Operations

Tom Garofalo
Tom GarofaloOperations Manager

Thomas Garofalo | Practice Manager & Operations Manager

Tom Garofalo has a great deal of experience working with startups and new companies. He has advised the Singapore government and the State of Hawaii , as well as worked with a number of companies- helping them gain customer focus and become successful. In the last several years he has worked with a number of companies in the healthcare field and brings a great deal of business experience to this venture.

Veterinary Technicians

Clinical Staff
Clinical StaffVeterinary Technicians

Veterinarian Technicians

We believe in having trained technicians caring for your pets. All of our technicians are either certified veterinary technicians (CVTs) or in training to become certified.

Jamie is originally from Long Island, NY where she previously held a wildlife rehabilitation license and worked as a veterinary technician at a specialty hospital in both the ICU and ophthalmology departments. Prior to that, she worked in Shelter Medicine in California, where she primarily took care of farm animals, exotics, and cats. She moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2011 to work in general practice veterinary medicine. Here in Florida she has volunteered her time with the Birds of Prey at Boyd Hill and has focused on getting low-income families help with vaccinating their pets all over the state. Additionally, she has focused her work on preventative care medicine and general practice by specializing in the care of her feline patients. Jamie also works with several local rescues bottle-feeding orphaned neonatal kittens and works in conservation, focusing on the aquaculture of corals. She holds a BA in Culture and Society and looks forward to starting her Cellular & Molecular Biology degree this year.

Savannah is a veterinary technician who was born and raised in St. Pete, Florida. She went to school at St. Petersburg College and attended the Veterinary Technician Program. She has been a veterinary technician for 7 years and was a volunteer at the Sea Bird Sanctuary. Savannah is passionate about art and travelling with her husband who she married in 2022. Together, they have 3 fur babies. A Jack Russell terrier named Rita who she adopted from the veterinary technician program in college. She also has 2 cats named Salem and Tortellini they adopted thru the cat distribution system. Savannah plans on traveling the world with her family and living abroad.

Brittany is a CVT and native Floridian. She has been working at Baycrest since 2022. She graduated from St Petersburg college in 2014. Brittany has always had a passion to care for animals, domestic and wild. In the future, she hopes to have the opportunity to work in wildlife conservation.

In the past, she has traveled to Costa Rica as a vet tech student to assist with sea turtle conservation. She has also volunteered at local animal shelters. Brittany is always willing to help an animal in need.

When she’s not working as a CVT, she is working as a CNA. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending quality time with friends, family, and beloved pets (one cat, two ball pythons, and one African Spur Thigh tortoise). Brittany looks forward to continue giving quality care to animals in the community.