Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners

While most of us know what to do with ourselves in a hurricane, we rarely talk about what to do with our pets and their needs. Here are some things you can do to help keep your pets safe.

  • Make sure you have extra food and water for your pets in your hurricane kit. You should have at least 5 days worth of food and water with bowls or dishes. You will also need to make sure you have litterboxes or bags available to clean up after your pets.
  • Have a copy of any medical records available and don’t forget to have their daily medications available. You can ask your veterinarian for a copy of their records. Refill any medications ahead of time so that your pet does not go without necessary treatments.
  • If your pet does not have a microchip, make sure to do so before any hurricanes. Microchipping your pet givess animal services and veterinarians a way to find your contact information and reunite your family if your pet is lost.
  • Keep proper identification on your pets at all times – collars should have a a tag with a phone number or address or both.
  • Have a cat carrier available to transport your cat in case of evacuation. Have leashes or harnesses available for your dog. Make sure to have a carrier or leash for each pet.
  • Make yourself aware of pet friendly shelter in your area. Most shelters require some vaccinations, so be sure to talk to your veterinarian about keeping your pet up to date on what they need. There are some diseases that flourish in confined spaces, like kennel cough.
  • Have recent photos of your pet available to you to aid in identifying them in an emergency situation.
  • If your dog or cat has any special requirements for bedding, make sure to have extra. It also is a good idea to keep comfort items for that pet ready to go.

Being prepared will help keep your family together and safe during hurricane season. Contact us to make sure your pet is as prepared as possible.

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